Make a Donation

We are a registered charity and we rely on generous support of those who contribute to our award winning work. Public funding provides 33% of our running costs- for every £1 of subsidy we receive we have to raise another £2. If you have already purchased a Donation ticket for an event thank you! You are also welcome to consider adding an extra donation below if you wish.


Artist Resilience Fund

Will you help Siobhan make it onto the stage? We can help her. But Siobhan needs extra support to make the most of her talent. It would make her smile even more if you could help her on her way.


Creative Schools Fund

Will you help Jakub feel good about himself in his new school? Help Jakub's teacher work with The Playhouse team to use art and music to help the whole class learn about each other’s cultures- and how to deal with your emotions in a playful way.


Community Peacebuilders Fund

Will you help Anna recruit more community peacebuilders? Anna’s keen to develop more peacebuilders, helping them avoid the mistakes she made, and to spread this message of hope and practical positive action. We can help her. But your support could make sure she achieves her goal of bringing more young people into peacebuilding.


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